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Summer Youth Apprenticeship Program

The Summer Youth Apprenticeship Program provides adolescents with employment skills through job shadowing experiences at local businesses, companies, schools and agencies,  as well as classroom training.  The program operates in the summer during the months of June through August S.Y.A.P. participants earn stipends while…

  • Developing pre-employment and employment skills

  • Applying academic skills in a work environment

  • Strengthening decision-making and problem-solving skills

Youth are required to attend orientation, career training, job-site shadowing and Career Camp. 


These experiences teach youth the importance of…

  • Communication Skills

  • Goal Setting

  • Professional conduct and appearance

  • Punctuality

  • Money management

  • Resume and cover letter construction

  • Team work skills

  • Academic achievement with regards to  career choices


African American History & Heroes Essay Contest

The Guild implemented the now successful African American History & Heroes Essay Contest and luncheon in our area schools in 1974. For over 40 years, local school districts have incorporated this essay contest into their curriculum. The contest is open to students in 5th and 6th grade.

Winners are selected by volunteer readers from the community. First Place and Honorable Mention winners are recognized at a special luncheon in March annually at a local School District.


National Urban League Incentives To Excel & Succeed (NULITES)

NULITES stands for National Urban League Incentives To Excel & Succeed. This is a nationwide youth initiative available for any student ages 11-17. It is designed to reflect the positive aspects of youth while providing opportunities for personal and leadership development.

students are encouraged to join the NULITES chapter at Shenango Valley Urban League, Inc. The Chapter will form its own governing body that will develop, implement and execute activities and service projects with guidance from adult advisors.

The principles of NULITES are reinforced and implemented through set goals.


Participation in a NULITES chapter will provide urban youth from culturally diverse backgrounds with:

  • Opportunities for academic, personal and social development.

  • Assist young people in developing long-term goals and strategies to fulfill them.

  • Groom future leaders by developing communication and decision-making skills as well as civic responsibility.

  • Involve youth in active and sustained community service projects.

Frank J. Nagy Scholarship Fund 

Urban Scholars & Educators Awards


Shenango Valley Urban League, Inc.'s Urban Scholars and Educators Awards was created to recognize and honor faculty who have distinguished themselves in teaching, scholarship, service and overall excellence in education. Also, these awards recognize students who are actively involved in the community, extracurricular activities and excel academically. The Urban League seeks school district nominations of deserving students and educators (K-12) in various award categories. Winners will be acknowledged during a recognition program. 



Above and Beyond Award: This educator goes above and beyond and does more than is asked of them. They are a positive example to other faculty and also volunteers in the community. Any educator is eligible for this award regardless of years served.

Rising Star Award: This educator shows promise as an up and coming educator in the district and have employed creative teaching strategies early in their career. The individual has served 10 years or less as an educator.

Distinguished Urban Educator of the Year: This seasoned educator has demonstrated their passion for students and has served 11 or more years as an educator. Over the years they have employed exceptional teaching strategies, increased student achievement, demonstrated concern for students, faculty/staff, and is committed to high standards of professionalism.  The recipient of this award can only be nominated by the Superintendent.



Brains & Brawn Award: This individual is a student-athlete who has demonstrated leadership abilities on and off the court/field.  This individual maintains high grades and also excels in extra-curricular activities.  To be eligible for this award, the student-athlete must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be in grades 9-12.

Future Innovator Award: This is a student who excels in STEM related courses demonstrating high academic achievement in the areas of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. This student must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be in grades 9-12 to be eligible for this award.

Distinguished Urban Student of the Year: This student is a graduating senior who demonstrates leadership ability, respect, and is actively involved in the community.  This student is also active within the school district and participates in school sponsored activities such as sports, student council, drama, or other clubs and organizations while maintaining high grades. This student must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be a senior (grade 12) to be eligible for this award. The recipient of this award can only be nominated by the Superintendent.

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